Sinful Bread

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Alright, gather close… I have a few secrets to share. When I got married, my mom told me when it was my turn to make dinner to always make sure the table was set (even if dinner was just getting started), because it makes it feel like dinner is almost ready. I have put this to the test countless times, and the verdict… it works! My husband arrives on the scene starving, and when he sees that nicely set table, he assumes dinner is almost ready and contents himself with waiting. The second secret? Delicious bread has the power to make a dinner from a spaghetti sauce bottle or a can of soup seem like a gourmet meal. Ah, the wonderful ways to hoodwink a family! :) So here is the recipe for the best of the bread “sprucing up” ideas… and believe me, it IS sinfully good.

Sinful Bread

Submitted by Mindy

2 loaves French Bread
1 cup parmesan cheese (grated fresh)
I cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup minced onion
Combine ingredients. Split French bread horizontally, spread mixture and sprinkle with paprika (if desired… the above picture is minus the paprika). Broil to crisp up. Enough for 2 loaves of French bread.
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  1. Traveling Nut says

    We have made this delicious cheese bread for years. We use just plain old grated cheese but you must use Mayo – don't substitute salad dressing. Our family loves it and believe me 2 loaves of french bread dissappear so fast! YUMMY.

  2. Valerie says

    I've never tried mayonnaise broiled on bread before, but that picture looks great. I hope to try it soon to make a quick and easy meal better.

  3. A Year on the Grill says

    This looks really really good. Seemed like a lot of mayo, til I noticed it makes two…

    OK,, got it on my list!

  4. Our Porch in Hillsborough says

    You're so right about setting the table – I discovered this 'trick' a few years ago and it really does work. As for your bread, I'm trying it tonight!

  5. Christa says

    Ok, we are having Italian Tortellini soup tonight and your recipe came just in time. It will be on our table tonight! Yum, yum!


  6. Bridget says

    We've made bread similar to this in my family for years! Except we use equal parts mayo and butter, and use a clove of minced garlic (no onion). We call it "Death Bread" :) My brother named it that after watching my mother make it and seeing all the mayo and butter! YUMMMMM

  7. Felicia says

    I have never been a fan of mayo, but this recipe has convinced me to always have some on hand. I have made this several time already and love it! We use mozzarella cheese instead of parmesan and add a little garlic powder for my husband. We love it! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous says


    This bread looks delicious!

    Can it be made with rolls and not French bread?

    I would split the rolld in half and spread the mayo/cheese mixture on each half.

    Please let me know if this can be done successfully or if anyone else has tried it!

    Thanks again for a delicious recipe

  9. Mindy says

    Hi anonymous,

    Using french bread is convenient, so I have never tried it with rolls. But I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work. Let me know how it goes!


  10. Kristina says

    Good advice, Mom! I also make sure I have what my family thinks is “ultra fancy” but it totally isn’t. I open a can of black olives, jarred gherkin pickles, etc., and keep them in little containers in the fridge. I often set out one tiny dish of say, 5 olives, 5 gherkins, and a celery stick or two, in a bowl. That’s all it takes to think it’s an antipasto tray. They keep awfully quiet!

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