Carmel Toffee Apple Dip

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This is a quick and easy recipe that is always a crowd pleaser. I made it when we had some friends over one evening. The carmel is suppossed to be drizzled on top–but I had a little helper who didn’t know how to drizzle:) I think that chopped and toasted pecans would be awesome if you didn’t have toffee bits. I think I will do that next time. Hope you enjoy!
Carmel Toffee Apple Dip
submitted by Melanie
1 8oz block of cream cheese (I use light)
1/4 cup brown sugar
carmel sauce for drizzling
a sprinkle of skor toffee bits
Sliced apples for dipping.
Mix cream cheese with brown sugar. Spread on a plate, and top with a drizzle of carmel sauce and a sprinkle of toffee bits. Sliced apples for dipping. Dip the apple slices in pineapple juice after slicing to keep them from going brown.


  1. Cara says

    I tried a dip similar to this a few months ago, except the one I tried had some of the caramel sauce mixed in to the dip itself (in addition to putting the caramel on top). YUM!! I haven't made it in a while because I'm always tempted to eat the whole bowl in one sitting. Your dip looks so good!!

  2. says

    Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I posted your recipe on my site today. I kicked off an “Applefest” and I had to make this the first recipe. Everyone that has tasted it, loves it! Thanks for sharing!

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