Grandma’s White Bread

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Since this is another of our Grandmother’s recipes, you know it’s going to be good! This is her basic white bread recipe that she has made weekly for the past… forever really! :) She still bakes it regularly and she is in her mid 80’s, but then, she is quite the woman! It is fluffy and light and absolutely delicious for sandwiches. This recipe makes 6 loaves (Grandma Rice had 6 children and baked for numerous ranch hands for years) so you may want to half it, although the bread freezes beautifully. Hope you enjoy!

Grandma’s White Bread
submitted by Brittany ~
2/3 cup powdered milk *see note
3 heaping Tbsp of instant yeast
6 tsp salt
2/3 cup sugar
6 Tbsp shortening
6 cups warm water
Flour (approx. 15 cups total)
Mix powdered milk, yeast, salt, sugar, and shortening in large mixer like a Bosch. (*your Kitchen Aid is not big enough! It will handle a half recipe though.) Add warm water. Add about 4 to 5 cups flour and beat until well mixed. Add flour slowly until dough comes away clean from the edge of the mixing bowl. Allow to knead for 5 more minutes. Do not add too much flour. Cover with greased plastic and allow dough to rise. Once it has doubled in size, divide into 6 parts. Form each into a log, tucking and pinching the dough underneath to make it smooth on top. (This is easily done if you lightly roll out the dough and roll up lengthwise, pinching together seam and tucking in the ends.) Place each into a greased loaf pan and raise until the size of a bread loaf. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Makes 6 loaves.
*I have made this bread with fresh milk too and it works great. Just omit powdered milk and use 3 cups warm milk and 3 cups warm water in the place of the 6 cups warm water.
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  1. Melanie Anne says

    Yum! I love Grandma's bread too. I love it with a cinnamon sugar swirled thru it too. that is one of my happy childhood memories–coming home to warm cinnamon swirl bread that Mom had made while I was at school.

  2. A Year on the Grill says

    Looks fabulous… sorry I haven't been around for awhile, I moved to the US Virgin Islands (I still giggle when I say that) for six months, and it is taking awhile to get settled. But i do think I am caught up, and will be back with new postings…

    Come take a look at my new blogs of Island life!

    I am so loving bread recipes!!!

    i just did one today

  3. Me, Myself and Pie says

    My grandma makes the same bread! She's also in her mid 80's and continues to bake it all the time for people. I can always expect a few loaves every time I visit. It makes wonderful French toast!

  4. Robyn says

    I love how easy it is to make bread in my Bosch. I have been looking for a recipe to approximate my late Grandmother's…this looks like it might be the one. Will be trying it very soon. Thanks

  5. Starke Family says

    I found this blog through a friend and made this bread…FABULOUS! My family thanks you and so do I! Now, what to do about the extra 5 lbs I gained slathering it with butter!
    Thanks again! Great blog!

  6. The Moore Family says

    I've been wanting a great "Grandma's Bread" recipe ever since my Grandmother Agnes passed away 20 years ago. I have fond memories of her cooking and it was so delish. I can not and have not tasted anything like her cooking since. I'm going to make this bread today and I hope it brings back many memories. Loved the idea of swirling cinnamon sugar all through out. I'll have to try that too

  7. Mindy says

    I LOVE this bread. It makes me want to make a ranch, tomatoe sandwich… with tomatoes fresh from Grandma and Grandpa's garden, of course. :)

  8. Melanie says

    I tried this today and didn't get a great rise out of the doe once it was in the bread pans. I'm wondering what I did wrong. What type of pans do you use? Do you grease them? and do you cover with a towel once the doe is in the bread pans?

  9. Brittany says

    Hi Melanie, sorry your dough didn't rise well – that is always frustrating to me. Usually I look at the yeast…is it fresh? Did you use enough? Was your kitchen warm? I use regular size dark loaf pans (I think they are 9inch??) Yes, I do grease them – I need to add that to the instructions. As for covering them…I don't ever cover bread or rolls with a towel on the last rise – a towel seems too heavy. If the rise is going to take a while I will cover with greased saran wrap, loosely. I don't think I cover this bread though – it usually rises pretty quickly for me. Try warming your oven briefly then putting the loaves inside with the oven OFF and the door cracked. That may help. Let me know if it works out better! Brittany

  10. Lisa Loo says

    I made this the other day–it was fabulous! Thanx for sharing. I have a question though–just about bread in general–is there a way to make homemade bread a little less crumbly–more dense maybe? I have no idea what the correct term is–new to the whole domestic scene. Maybe it is something I am doing wrong?

  11. Erin says

    Hi Lisa Loo,
    I use Dough Enhancer and Vital Wheat Gluten in my whole wheat bread to increase dough strength and shelf life. These products can be used in any type of bread, like this white bread. According to the packages, Dough Enhancer gives bread a softer texture, longer shelf life, better flavor, and increased strength. Vital Wheat Gluten increases the protein content in dough and increases yield, dough strength and shelf life as well. In Layman's terms – it makes it so that you can fold over your piece of bread and it won't crack and crumble – it will be elastic and soft. And it will help bread stay that way for longer. I really like these products. I was introduced to them from the Bosch reps. I have to order them online; I use the Kitchen Resource brand.
    I normally never have a problem with having crumbly bread the day it is baked (even if I don't use the gluten or dough enhancer)- When it's fresh, it's soft, moist, and heavenly. However, I have to say that any homemade bread will be more crumbly and dry after a few days after being baked, and I can't stand that! So I always slice up the loaf that is still around after a day or so and put the slices in the freezer. Microwave them for a few seconds when you want to eat them and they are soft just like the first day. I prefer doing this than eating crumbly bread, or having it go to waste.

  12. Summer says

    wow! That bread turned out soooooo good. That is the BEST white bread recipe I've ever had. Definatley a keeper. Thankyou so much for sharing this one. we love it!

  13. Brittany says

    All your comments make me so happy! I'm so glad that you all are loving a recipe that is cherished in our family! Can't wait to tell Grandma how much everyone loves her bread! :)

  14. says

    I have a kitchen aid professional mixer (the largest countertop one). I’m just wondering if you think the entire recipe would work…I’ve never done one this big in it, but I’m wondering if it would handle the whole thing. What do you think? I’d love to know if you thought it was possible. Thanks! Can’t wait to get started!

    • Britt says

      Hey Amanda, I only have the normal size Kitchen Aid so I can’t say for sure but I don’t think even the biggest Kitchen Aid could knead that much dough! A half recipe barely fits in the normal size one. I’ve tried more but it just makes a big mess as the dough spirals up the dough hook and winds around that spring at the top. I’ve ended up having to split the dough in half and knead each half one at a time. If I were you I would try the half recipe first and see how full it is. Let me know how it goes!

  15. Heather says

    I do not have a Bosch or a Kitchen Aid so did a one-third recipe (2 loaves) by hand and it still turned out delicious! I know the recipe is fantastic because it was my first time making bread and it worked!

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