Frog Nog (True Green Smoothie Recipe)

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We absolutely LOVE green smoothies around here. I usually make one with lots of berries which turns it purple or pink camouflaging the greens. When I use fruit that is light colored and the smoothie remains green we call it “frog nog”. My boys love the name and the flavor and therefore slurp it down! Watching my children drink up all those healthy greens and fresh fruit makes this mama happy, you know?! And it also makes up for the lame lunch of nachos that I provide sometimes:) 

PPS Also here is my orginal “green smoothie” recipe post

Frog Nog (Green Smoothie recipe)

submitted by Melanie
2-4 cups spinach or other greens (I use 4 cups organic baby/ or kale)
1-2 cups of water (depending how thick you like it)
1-2 bananas (I use 2)
1 heaping cup frozen pineapple chunks
1 cup frozen mango, peaches or other light fruit (I have used strawberries)
1 Tb honey or agave (optional for sweetness)
First I fill my trusty blender (I use the Blendtec) with spinach–lots of it! Then I fill the container up to the 2 line with water filling in around the spinach. Pulse to blend into a bright green water.
Next add your bananas, frozen fruit ans sweetener, if using. I push the ‘whole juice’ button and the blender purees it all for me into a wonder smooth green drink. What ever blender you have, just be sure to blend it for a good amount of time to make sure it is as smooth as possible. Pour into glasses and serve!
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  1. Natalie says

    delicious! If your kids won't be "tricked" by a fun name (like mine!), they will be tricked by adding a little slice of beet. It turns it a beautiful color and magically makes the frog nog taste delicious;). Thanks for the yummy, healthy recipe. Keep em coming!


    I love your blog and was curious to know how I may incorporate a search for my blog like you've got for your recipes as shown in your righthand side bar "Search Recipes".

    Carol :)

  3. Erin @ The Sisters Cafe says

    Hi Carol, so glad you enjoy our blog! The search function is easy – just go to your Dashboard, go to Design, hit 'add a gadget', and then scroll through and a 'search box' gadget is right there. Very easy!

  4. cheryl Haws says

    I just have to thank you for sharing all your fabulous recipes. I have 4 pretty picky kids. I struggle to get all their fruits and veggies into their daily diet. I honestly didn’t think they would drink this frog nog, especially my 4 year old. Every single one of them will drink it!! My youngest even asked for seconds!! I have told everyone about this. Thanks so much!!

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