Rainbow in a Bag for St. Patricks Day

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This just might be the simplest “recipe” on our site:).
I guess you could call it an edible craft!  It will take you only moments to make and  will delight your friends and family for St. Patrick’s Day!

I made these for my boys last year and they LOVED them so much that I thought I would make it a yearly tradition.  I am going to pop these little rainbows and gold into their lunches this Friday.

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Rainbows in a Bag for St Patrick Days
submitted by Melanie~The Sister’s Cafe

Rainbow Twizzler Twists
celephane bags

One bag of Rainbow Twizzlers will make 5 bags.  Take a handful of Rolos and put in celephane bag.  Take one of each color of the twizzlers and line them up.  Bend them like a rainbow and place in bag over the gold Rolos.  Tie with a cute ribbon.  ENJOY:)

Recipe Source: Maple Memories via Our Best Bites

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